Interesting Links

  • Canon Press
    “Literature for a life less petty”. Some excellent material here.
  • Christianity Explored
    An evangelistic course that helps you take friends through Mark’s Gospel.
  • Christians at work
    Valuable resources for helping you live out your faith in the workplace
  • Credenda Agenda
    Hilarious and yet serious magazine from some guys in the States who love their wine, cigars and reformed theology. A must for a good tonic of humour when you’re having one of those ‘naff’ days. Check out the editor’s column.
  • Desiring God
    The ministry of a guy called John Piper whose motto in life is – God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in him. A stimulating resource with lots of great books and online sermons.
  • Discerning Reader
    For those who love their books and discussions…
  • Graduate Impact
    Another great website to help you serve Christ at work. Do look up the resources and order yourself a Transition Booklet – very helpful.
  • The Goodbook Company
    Superb material for teaching the Bible to kids and young people, along with good books (funny enough!) for all ages and all topics. Be sure to subscribe to their monthly magazine called ‘The Briefing’ – only £10 per year.
  • Matthias Media
    An Australian organisation linked to the Goodbook Company. You can read the Briefing online from here.
  • Monergism
    The articles on this site will get you thinking just who does the saving and clinging in our salvation.
  • Moses and the boys…
    A website by a group of guys who believe all 66 books of the Bible tell one story. Mainly aimed at Pastors, Bible teachers, and theology students, but there are some interesting books and articles for all Christians who wish to understand the whole Bible…Do let your Pastors, Ministers, teachers, uncles, aunts, and pets know about it.
  • North West Partnership
    A group of Bible believing evangelicals in the North West of England and North Wales with good resources and information on a good Ministry Training Course amongst other things.
  • Phil Johnson’s website
    Who’s Phil Johnson? Who cares! But here you will find the most links to the Christian world ever in cyberspace. Don’t miss the really, really bad theology section!
  • Proclamation Trust
    A great setup for equipping folk to teach the Bible well…a visit is highly recommended, not just in cyberspace, but also why not take a career break and go for one year? You might even meet your future partner there!
  • Story of a Kingdom
    Bible study material that explains the Bible in a simple and easy-to-understand format. For those with English as a second language.
  • The Gospel Coalition
    A new evangelical network in the States led by Don Carson and Tim Keller.
  • The White Horse Inn
    Listen online to solid Biblical discussion and even some very funny banter!
  • Together for the Gospel
    Mark Dever, Ligon Duncan, C.J. Mahaney, and Albert Mohler minister in diverse contexts, but they are united in this: the centrality of the gospel of Jesus Christ, preached clearly and lived faithfully! This website details their coming together for the gospel in conferences, articles and various other contexts.

Good churches, great sermons

  • Capitol Hill Baptist
    Listen on line to epic sermons. The sermons that involve overviews of books of the Old Testament are to be particularly noted.
  • Carrubbers Christian Centre
    Super church in Edinburgh, situated on the Royal Mile. Well worth a visit. A big Yank called Wayne Sutton preaches there – listen online.
  • Christ Redeemer
    Excellent church in New York, doing a great work among the ‘down ‘an outs’ of society. Tim Keller’s book on missions of mercy is a must read.
  • Christchurch Fulwood
    Anglican church in Sheffield. Good sermons by Hugh Palmer.
  • Dundonald
    Not in Northern Ireland. A new church plant in London by Richard Coekin.
  • Jesmond Parish Church
    Excellent church in Newcastle upon Tyne, oh aye man! Gotta read some great online sermons there man.
  • St. Andrew the Great
    Otherwise known as STAG this is an excellent church in Cambridge, led by Mark Aston.
  • St. Elizabeth’s
    Local Church of Ireland in Dundonald (Northern Ireland), where the Bible is faithfully proclaimed. Some sermons online here.
  • St. Helen’s
    Excellent church in inner city London. If you’re ever over, do visit them.
  • St. John’s
    Melvin Tinker is a friend of those from the Castle. Superb preacher and writer, a man who loves the gospel more than Anglicanism – may their tribe increase! You can check out his sermons, and also see his photo, Mary, Viv!
  • The Crowded House
    Church planting initiative in England that will certainly make you think outside the box, and church building!
  • Windsor Baptist Church
    Local church in Belfast, attracting lots of students and young professionals. Good Bible teaching and friendly fellowship.

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